”Life is soulless without love.”


Anna’s Darling is something you can imagine to give a hug.

Anna’s Darling is a Finnish jewelry brand whose products are known for their form that enhances their structures. Our jewelry design driver is love towards design fashion and people. Life really is soulless without love.

In jewelry-making we utilize traditional goldsmith techniques and 3D printing. Products are made in Sonkajärvi, Finland for the most part and they are always finished manually. Anna’s Darling products are marked with reliable responsibility and fineness marks. Association for Finnish Work has permited our jewelry the Key Flag and Design From Finland marks.





“I sincerely hope that you will find your own darling from all these handmade pieces of jewelry.

I have given them my everything, like to all precious things in life.

I hope you fall in love with your favorite jewelry over and over again!”


Best wishes,

Anna-Reetta Väänänen


Photo: Teemu Sirviö 2018